Angkor Night Market

Best thing to do for travel to Siem Rreap, Cambodia at Angkor Night Market and Pub Street

Shopping at Angkor Night Market Siem Reap, Cambodia and the best thing to do at Pub Street.

The Angkor Night Market at Seim Reap Cambodia is a great please to spend an evening. With all the shop and hidden bars, you will be discovering something new every time you visit the market. A place designed to giving a visitor a safe, secure, and enjoyable shopping and dining experience in a vibrant, contemporary ethnic environment.
Angkor Night Market was the first night market of its kind to be established in the whole of Cambodia. The market was carefully planned to create a friendly and much localized environment for tourists to enjoy. There is no warehouse; instead, visitors enjoy smoothly laid-out shacks built from natural materials and designed in typical Khmer style.

There are over 200 souvenir shops that sell traditional Cambodia handmade products from clothes, silk pieces, arts, and jewelry, wood and stone carvings amongst many other interesting items found perhaps only in this part of the world. There cafes and pubs and even a movie mall where one can watch accounts of the genocide during the Khmer Rouge regime and other entertainment documentaries.

At night in Siem Reap

The city comes alive when the sun sets. Downtown is the perfect place to wind down and enjoy restaurants and eateries offering a wide variety of choices to satisfy any palate? Then burn a way those calories at the Angkor Night market located in one corner of the city. After you’ve had your fun shopping, return to Pub Street to bask in the merriments of the bars and pubs that gave this street its name.

Nightlife precincts in Siem Reap

No matter when your tastes are for wining and dining, there are many venues to choose from a fun filled evening in Siem Reap
Siem Reap City, the heated hand of Siem Reap province, is a popular tourist destination endowed with plenty to entertain any visitor. Nightclubs, pubs, bars, and discos come alive after sunset. Downtown, an entire street is dedicated to tourists; aptly known as Pub Street, this street is closed to traffic in the evenings. Bars, pubs, and eateries spill onto the street; much to the delight of the visitors.
Nightlife venues are scattered across the town of Siem Reap but many are clustered in the Old Market area. Especially along the vibrant tone around the Pub Street. The bars and night clubs in the Pub Street area offer amazing early evening happy hour deals and some places stay open well into the wee hours. The party meter touches the apex often around midnight and the electrifying ambiance is hard to avoid. However, the vivacity is not limit to Pub Street. There are also the less cowed, less touristy, individual places in the Old Market and Wat Bo precinct. Along the river and Sivatha Boulevard if you prefer.

Nightlife in Siem Reap can’t exclude the rocking discotheques. Restaurant are also the places of worth here; you can try the Chinese, Indian, French, Laos or Vietnamese delicacies in these Popular Restaurants in Siem Rea. So, When in Siem Reap, make it a point to feel the heat of the vibrant Nightlife after you have toured the temples.  

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