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English Khmer Dictionary for Android phone

English Khmer dictionary

Installing English Khmer dictionary or Khmer-English or Khmer-Khmer Dictionary for Android phone Nowadays, there are many English Khmer dictionary or Khmer-English and Khmer dictionary available for installing on the smartphone. A dictionary is a very useful for whom study the second language. A dictionary shows not only the meaning of each word but also a […]

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Domain registration guide in Cambodia

Domain registration

Let’s starting to know how to apply domain registration  in Cambodia Welcome to my blog. Today I would like to share my experience about applying for Domain registration. In this post will show you how to apply by manually with  Telecommunication Regulator of Cambodia office. I was a former sell and marketing […]

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Let's install Angkor Wat Android Theme to your Samsung Smart Phone

Angkor Wat Andriod Theme

Samsung has designed Angkor Wat beautiful Android Theme, represents the heritage of Cambodian  country Maybe a few days ago, Samsung unveiled a beautiful Angkor Wat Theme. The Angkor theme expresses the culture of our nation. Angkor Wat and other temples designed very attractively In Theme. The Angkor theme not only replaced by a tab Wallpaper […]

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All Download English Khmer Dictionary collection

Khmer Dictionary

A dictionary is very importance for student who studying a language such as English Khmer, Khmer-English or Khmer Dictionary. For self-study learner a dictionary could help them to be right pronunciation of word. And also they can understand what proportion of speech. Whether a verb, noun adjective or a combination of all these. Especially, it […]

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