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Things to consider before you sign the contract of Rent property in Cambodia

The things that you should consider before you sign the contract of Rent property in Cambodia

Regards to inspections for a new rental property, the majority of your search and account usually revolves around specialized areas of the new home, such as closeness to your workplace or your kid’s university, your budget, some bedrooms and so on. It is not hard to overlook a few of small but similarly important details through the high temperature of the taking a look at.

Additional costs:

Most rentals rates are exclusive of extra regular charges. Once a month maintenance, waste products collection, gas and drinking water rates, power bills, bond repayments, etc. can indeed add to the regular monthly hire price significantly – so be sure to ask about all extra expenditures when you are viewing. And validate them in the rentals contract before putting your signature on. Be prepared to pay only 1000Riel/$0.25 per Kilowatt for electricity, $5 monthly for drinking water charges & garbage collection and $5 monthly for TV cable tv connection.

Read the deal:

Seems such as a no-brainer – but read your local rental agreement carefully and attention. Learn the ways that you will be responsible for a breach of your deal, for example having household pets or people – different landlords’ stipulate various known reasons for being permitted to throw you away, so be sure to know what the owner involved desires of you before you consent to stay.

Everyone haggles!

Always bargain the purchase price with your landlord no subject how it certainly makes you feel. The identical applies to your agent. Bear in mind, that while your agent is behaving in your passions to some extent. They are naturally eventually functioning on behalf of the deal, and their percentage will be higher if the ultimately agreed price is higher. If you’re trying to get a long-term local rental, one year or greater, utilize this as a bartering tool. Also, as the landlord might not exactly be versatile on monthly hire price, you might still be in a position to push them for extra services or home furnishing/gadgets free of charge as deal sweeteners.
An in advance move forward on your first few a few months’ rent can also be an enticing bartering point for landlords searches for an easy cash injection for a while, but ensure everything is receipted accurately.


Whatever your agent lets you know, be personally in charge of you as well as your family’s safety when contemplating any new local rental property. Walk around a nearby of any property you are thinking about renting, consult with neighborhood friends (and other tenants if it’s a distributed building) and get back to the region at nighttime and make sure no invisible threats seem when sunlight falls. Also, always consider the prospect of flooding. A 24-hour review is essential to notice any noise risks too – there could be the structure in the day that you never recognized at the day taking a look at, or an evening club could start at night nearby. For just a little extra attention before agreeing to the local rental deal, you can understand the professionals and downsides of the house.

Little Things:

Check faucets, door hinges, hair, door knobs, vitality points, appliances, standard water heating units and gas cookers before agreeing to lease. More often than not these exact things look perfect until further analysis – but if you get small problems now, you can ask the landlord to repair them.

Photo Data:

Before agreeing to the connection payment, take photographs of each room inside your home although it is evident. In these pictures, be sure to proof any preexisting harm to the property. In this manner, when your agreement eventually ends, the landlord does not have any grounds to deduct deterioration damage from your first deposit that in truth you weren’t in charge of.

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