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Siem Reap Postcode – Siem Reap Zipcode

siem reap postcode

The Local Zip Code by area in Siem Reap Province. The Siem Reap postcode by county or commune.

You can use the following table below to find the postcode of the area in Siem Reap province that you want. To do a search, first enter the name of the county or commune you want to search for, or you can click on the district name and the result will appear below.

Khan/DistrictSangkat/CommunePostal/Zip Code
Varin DistrictPrasat Commune170101
Varin DistrictLvea Krang Commune170102
Varin DistrictSrae Nouy Commune170103
Varin DistrictSvay Sa Commune170104
Varin DistrictVarin Commune170105
Svay Leu DistrictBoeng Mealea Commune170201
Svay Leu DistrictKantuot Commune170202
Svay Leu DistrictKhnang Phnum Commune170203
Svay Leu DistrictSvay Leu Commune170204
Svay Leu DistrictTa Siem Commune170205
Srei Snam DistrictChrouy Neang Ngoun Commune170301
Srei Snam DistrictKlang Hay Commune170302
Srei Snam DistrictTram Sasar Commune170303
Srei Snam DistrictMoung Commune170304
Srei Snam DistrictPrei Commune170305
Srei Snam DistrictSlaeng Spean Commune170306
Soutr Nikom DistrictChan Sa Commune170401
Soutr Nikom DistrictDam Daek Commune170402
Soutr Nikom DistrictDar Run Commune170403
Soutr Nikom DistrictKampong Khleang Commune170404
Soutr Nikom DistrictKien Sangkae Commune170405
Soutr Nikom DistrictKhchas Commune170406
Soutr Nikom DistrictKhnar Pou Commune170407
Soutr Nikom DistrictPopel Commune170408
Soutr Nikom DistrictSamraong Commune170409
Soutr Nikom DistrictTa Yaek Commune170410
Prasat Bakong DistrictBakong Commune170501
Prasat Bakong DistrictBallangk Commune170502
Prasat Bakong DistrictKampong Phluk Commune170503
Prasat Bakong DistrictKantreang Commune170504
Prasat Bakong DistrictKandaek Commune170505
Prasat Bakong DistrictMean Chey Commune170506
Prasat Bakong DistrictRoluos Commune170507
Prasat Bakong DistrictTrapeang Thum Commune170508
Prasat Bakong DistrictAmpil Commune170509
Puok DistrictSasar Sdam Commune170601
Puok DistrictDoun Kaev Commune170602
Puok DistrictKdei Run Commune170603
Puok DistrictKaev Poar Commune170604
Puok DistrictKhnat Commune170605
Puok DistrictLvea Commune170606
Puok DistrictMukh Paen Commune170607
Puok DistrictPou Treay Commune170608
Puok DistrictPuok Commune170609
Puok DistrictPrey Chruk Commune170610
Puok DistrictReul Commune170611
Puok DistrictSamraong Yea Commune170612
Puok DistrictTrei Nhoar Commune170613
Puok DistrictYeang Commune170614
Kralach DistrictChanleas Dai Commune170701
Kralach DistrictKampong Thkov Commune170702
Kralach DistrictKralanh Commune170703
Kralach DistrictKrouch Kor Commune170704
Kralach DistrictRoung Kou Commune170705
Kralach DistrictSambuor Commune170706
Kralach DistrictSaen Sokh Commune170707
Kralach DistrictSnuol Commune170708
Kralach DistrictSranal Commune170709
Kralach DistrictTa An Commune170710
Chi Kraeng DistrictAnglong Samnar Commune170801
Chi Kraeng DistrictChi Kraeng Commune170802
Chi Kraeng DistrictKampong Kdei Commune170803
Chi Kraeng DistrictKhvav Commune170804
Chi Kraeng DistrictKouk Thlok Kraom Commune170805
Chi Kraeng DistrictKouk Thlok Leu Commune170806
Chi Kraeng DistrictLveaeng Ruessei Commune170807
Chi Kraeng DistrictPongro Kraom Commune170808
Chi Kraeng DistrictPongro Leu Commune170809
Chi Kraeng DistrictRuessei Lok Commune170810
Chi Kraeng DistrictSangvaeuy Commune170811
Chi Kraeng DistrictSpean Tnaot Commune170812
Banteay Srei DistrictKhanr Sanday Commune170901
Banteay Srei DistrictKhun Ream Commune170902
Banteay Srei DistrictPreah Dak Commune170903
Banteay Srei DistrictRumcheck Commune170904
Banteay Srei DistrictRun Ta Aek Commune170905
Banteay Srei DistrictTbaeng Commune170906
Angkor Thum DistrictChob Ta Trav Commune171001
Angkor Thum DistrictLeang Dai Commune171002
Angkor Thum DistrictPeak Snaeng Commune171003
Angkor Thum DistrictSvay Check Commune171004
Angkor Chum DistrictChar Chhuk Commune171101
Angkor Chum DistrictDoun Peng Commune171102
Angkor Chum DistrictKouk Doung Commune171103
Angkor Chum DistrictKoul Commune171104
Angkor Chum DistrictNokor Pheas Commune171105
Angkor Chum DistrictSrae Khvav Commune171106
Angkor Chum DistrictTa Saom Commune171107
Siem Reap MunicipalitySangkat Sla Kram171201
Siem Reap MunicipalitySangkat Svay Dangkum171202
Siem Reap MunicipalitySangkat Kok Chak171203
Siem Reap MunicipalitySangkat Sala Kamreuk171204
Siem Reap MunicipalitySangkat Nokor171205
Siem Reap MunicipalitySangkat Chreav171206
Siem Reap MunicipalitySangkat Chong Khnies171207
Siem Reap MunicipalitySangkat Sambuor171208
Siem Reap MunicipalitySangkat Siem Reap171209
Siem Reap MunicipalitySangkat Srangae171210
Siem Reap MunicipalitySangkat Tuek Vil171211
Siem Reap MunicipalitySangkat Krabei Riel171212

If you would like to check the address of the post office branch in Cambodia please visit the Cambodia post office website here. And also you can check the postal code of another area in Cambodia on page Cambodia postcode for all cities and provinces – Cambodia Zipcode

Why you need a postal code or zip code?

A postal code is a code number that defined the specific area that the post office use to post the shipmen to. When you buy something online from eBay, Aliexpress, Amazon or any other e-commerce website, you will need a zip code to put in the shipping address. if you put the incorrect zip code in the shipping address then you order shipmen delivery may be failed. And also Cambodia Post office has updated the postal code of the area in Cambodia from 5 digits to 6 digits for example; 12000 to 120000. The updates postal code is due to the increased amount of provinces and districts.

And also when you sign up an account online with Social media or any other website you will need to put the zip code into your address info too.

About Siem Reap province

Siem Reap, a resort town in northwestern Cambodia, is the gateway to the ruins of Angkor, the seat of the Khmer kingdom from the 9th–15th centuries. Angkor’s vast complex of intricate stone buildings includes preserved Angkor Wat, the main temple, which is pictured on Cambodia’s flag. Giant, mysterious faces are carved into the Bayon Temple at Angkor Thom.

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