free virtual MasterCard

PayGo provide free virtual MasterCard and financial service in Cambodia

PayGo provide free virtual MasterCard to make payment online and financial service such as billing payment, phone top up, transfer fund and water and electricity bill in Cambodia.

PayGo is a financing service in Cambodia that allow you to sign up a free virtual MasterCard for free. And also, You can make the payment for electricity and water bill by PayGo mobile application. Moreover, many companies in Cambodia such as Internet Service Provider, Cell phone operator have accepted billing payment with PayGo account.
Especially,  You can create a virtual MasterCard for free. You can use the MasterCard by PayGo to buy everything online such as order product from the online store such as eBay, Alibaba, Taobao, and more very convenience. Moreover, the process to sign up a MasterCard with PayGo is easy and straightforward. To get a free MasterCard one, you just install PayGo app on your smartphones such as iPhone or Android Phone, and then you can sign up a MasterCard by filling your personal information such as address, age, National ID number or Passport number, phone number, and email address. And also you can get your Free MasterCard immediately after your sign up complete.
You do not need to meet a PayGo staff to complete any other requesting application from to get your MasterCard. The virtual MasterCard will valid only for three months after card expired you can sign up a new one for free but if you want a new MasterCard within period validation or your current card you still can request a new card, but you will charge for $3 for issuing card fee.

How to install PayGo app on your Smartphone

To install PayGo app on your phone, you can go to PlayStore for Android phone and AppStore for iPhone or iPad and then search for keyword “PayGo Wallet.” Please click on the PayGo Wallet from the search result to install it. And also you can download PayGo app by click on the right download link for your phone OS below:
Please watch this video to learn more about how to install and configure your app on your phone:
I appreciate you for taking time your time to read this post. I hope that this post could help you to get a virtual MasterCard for purchasing online and convenience financial service by installing PayGo app on your mobile phone and get a free virtual MasterCard. If you have any problem of installing process please fell free to leave your comment below, then I will help you to fix it. If you enjoy this post, please like and share this post with another friend.

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