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Khmer Quote, Ten important points women want men to know

Khmer Quote ten important points that women want men to know

To day I would like to tale about a Khmer Quote. On this world, there are many things that women want men to know. Here are ten important points that women want men to know about her feeling:

Khmer Quote: Ten thing that women want men to know in Khmer
  1. When I cry, do not care if I was right or wrong, you must come to comfort me.
  2. You do not need handsome but must be hygiene.
  3. Within one month I feel frustrated for 2 or 3 days and senseless unreasonable, it is best you should endure with me at this time.
  4. When I feel frustrated throwing mobile phone but I want you to call me and comfort me right at that moment.
  5. When the front of the friends I wish you could express your love and care to me than usual.
  6. When I was making food to eat, you do not have to say, hard to eat, or difficulty swallowing, but you must say that delicious.
  7. If I told you that I wanted to lose weight but I want to hear what you said, “You are not too fat, no need to losing weight, just you are perfect for me now.”
  8. You should not have female friends or female adopted younger sibling etc.
  9. I always hoped you don’t have any female friends at work, are sifting sick or a wife.
  10. When I do something wrong, you can advise and counsel me, but it is important after that, you need to know how to comfort me with love and sympathy.

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