Angkor Wat Andriod Theme

Let’s install Angkor Wat Android Theme to your Samsung Smart Phone

Samsung has designed Angkor Wat beautiful Android Theme, represents the heritage of Cambodian  country

Maybe a few days ago, Samsung unveiled a beautiful Angkor Wat Theme. The Angkor theme expresses the culture of our nation. Angkor Wat and other temples designed very attractively In Theme. The Angkor theme not only replaced by a tab Wallpaper image, even icons.

And also the style of places like where typing the phone number, list the phone. Samsung has designed text messages, Lock screen, and Tab bar displays traditional notification one.

Angkor Wat Andriod Theme
Angkor Wat Andriod Theme

However, it can be installed only on the series Samsung App Store suddenly. And if you have the Theme Store, just find Theme (Angkor Wat) and reinstall them.

Think about an Android theme? However, I am also sorry for fans who use the smartphone of Samsung did not have the Theme Store. And for readers who use the smartphone of Samsung Theme Store can install to improve the culture and what’s Me.

The Angkor Wat Theme has also come with new Samsung Galaxy J series such as Samsung Galaxy J3 2015, Samsung Galaxy J5 2016, and Samsung Galaxy J7 2015. For all these model Samsung has designed for all Cambodian users. Samsung Brand Manager of Cambodia said the company will donate 10,000 Riel to Angkor conservation.

So now Cambodian people can save their heritage and show off themself by choosing a smartphone with their nation sign. I am also proud of Samsung that provides a valuable idea with its new model of its product.

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