Sample PayGo MasterCard

How to get free MasterCard to make payment online in Cambodia

Nowadays, the payment online service is a most popular in the world also in Cambodia. the payment online service is easy, secure and save time for every payment transaction. Many company in Cambodia use online payment method for their advertising online with social media such as Facebook or Google AdWord etc. You are also need a credit card to purchasing online with eBay or if you wish to create a website or blog to start earning money online with any adverting network such as Google AdSense, so you will need a credit card for buying domain and hosting for your website or blog.   To get a credit card such Visa card or MasterCard for any purchasing online from any bank you have to pay for registration and first deposit some money into your account and annual fee of your Credit or Debit Card and usually the total fee is around $30 to $200.

But now we can get a free virtual ABA MasterCard from PayGo very easy by just install PayGo application on your Android phone from Google Play or iPhone from Apple App Store and you can all so install PayGo application on you PC. When you complete installation PayGo app you just need to register your PayGo account by a few step to get your MasterCard.

Here is step by step guide to register your free MasterCard:


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