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Download live tv online app for Windows PC

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Download and install Download live tv online app on Windows PC like Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10 and enjoy TV show on your computer.

In my previous post, I talked about How to watch Khmer Live TV on your Computer and have many visitors asking for how to Download and install Download live tv online app for free on Windows PC. So today I would like to talk about the TV application that compatible with Windows PC. Congratulation! if you are looking for install Download live tv online app on your Windows PC you found here.

Currently, I could find only an application developed by Mekong Net Co., Ltd.  With Mekong TV you can download and install Khmer TV software on your computer. And also that application required the internet connection to live stream TV. Moreover, Mekong Net required you to register an account with their company to be able to use that application.

Installing Mekong TV on computer

Now let’s start to download Khmer TV for your computer. please following the step by step:

Step 1:

please go to official website of Mekong Net Co., Ltd at and then navigate to download tab on their website menu bar. And also you can download and install Download live tv online app from this post.

Download Mekong TV for computer

You can also download and install KODI to watch Khmer TV on your computer

Download KODI and Khmer addon to watch TV for computer

Khmer Live TV online app on Windows PC
Khmer Live TV online app on Windows PC
Downloading Mekong TV
Download page of Mekong TV for Windows PC

You may also read the inscription about how to download and install that application on your computer on their website.

Step 2:

After you completed download the application please click install and follow the inscription on the setup screen on your computer.

Installing Mekong TV
Please follow the installing instruction on your setup screen to complete the installation.
Installing complet
After installation complete, you will see the completed dialog window.
Step 3:

After you completed install Download live tv online app on your computer you will be required to create an account. And also you can register at the login screen of the application when it starts up.

Log in Windows
After you completed the installation you will log in windows on startup application.

Mekong TV account can also use with MekongTV website and Mekong TV desktop. You may also learn more about benefit when you have an account in the picture below:

Mekong TV desktop
The comparative feature of the service between you have an account and don’t have an account.
Step 4:

log into the application and you can watch Khmer TV on your computer now. Mekong Net offer some channel of Khmer TV and not all TV channel. After you complete all step above like installation and sign up an account you watch TV on your computer now.

install TV application
After you complete all step above like installation and sign up an account you watch TV on your computer now.

Thank you so for reading my post. I hope you can have the Khmer TV on your computer today. Please subscribe my post to get news article automatically via email. Please help like and share. Thank you.

Read more about Internet Television

Internet TV offers a brand new way to receive the video that uses very distinct technology to older types of transmission like the program, cable, and satellite TV. And also it is a versatile type that may be used on a wide variety of devices in addition to standard televisions. It offers lots of control over what, how and once you see, however, it could also be used to create an extremely comparable expertise to traditional Television screening. Internet Television works, in the same manner, it’s being viewed. It starts with the conversion of videos into the right format for on-line transmission. Moreover, this can be done using a process known as encoding, that is realized using special software parts called codecs.

The resulting digital files may easily be broken into data packets that may be sent over the internet. Once encoded, the video is set on a server, from which Internet users will be able to obtain and see it. They can do that through a web browser, a particular piece of software designed for viewing Internet TV, or an electronic Internet Television box connected to a tv. And also Servers may be designed to control the ways wherein the video can be obtained. And also when someone watches a video, it’ll be sent to them over the web from the server in small balls or data packets which were labeled with the receiver’s Internet protocol address and encoded with the required identifying information.

Internet TV

The computer, mobile phone or TV on which the content can be to be seen gets the information packets and decodes them using the encoded identifying information to comprehend the file. And also the digital file is then changed into a watchable video utilizing the appropriate codecs, and the video appears on the screen. In several cases, functions like pause, rewind, and fast forwards may be utilized to control the viewing experience, even though the exact tools which are available rely on the kind of internet Television that’s being watched.

It’s possible to access conventional TV stations, independent productions. There are live broadcasts as well as on need, pre-recorded videos on-line, and you may even purchase on-line movies or Television program rentals or access Download live tv online app that you’ve missed on your regular TV. Some videos may be seen free, while some can be found on a membership or pay per view basis. Some videos may only be seen within some countries.

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