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Download free tv show streaming software for computer

Google Play Services Download live tv online free tv show streaming

You can now watch Khmer live TV for some of the free channels on your computer by Download free tv show streaming software for computer and install it on your computer.

Nowadays, many free tv show streaming services allow you to watch Khmer TV online. The TV cable company like PPCTV Co., Ltd. SingMeng Telemedia, MekongNet have provided the essential facilities for every Cambodia people to watching television on smartphone and computer.

And also you can download free software application of official company as described above for your smartphone and your computer for free. Along with this, you can only watch some free channel offered by the TV station cooperated with TV cable company. If you would like to use full of TV experience, you may buy their service. And also you can Watch TV online on your computer on the television station official

Moreover, MekongNet is one of the TV cable suppliers offer you to watch free tv show streaming some of Khmer TV channel for free. To get start to watch live TV with Especially MekongNet also provides service to their customer for download free software and install on your computer. And also You can download free software by MekongNet Co., Ltd Khmer TV app for your Windows PC please read Download and install TV application on Windows PC.

Please watch the video tutorial about how to download free software and installation below. The video should help you step by step to do it by yourself.

KODI is one of application that supported Khmer TV

You may also download Kodi free software and install Khmer add-on to be able to watch free tv show streaming for some of free Khmer TV channel on your computer. Kodi is the software available across a platform that allows you to install on all device. And also you can find Kodi on Apple App Store, Google Play Store, and Windows Store.

Moreover, Kodi is available for Linux and Mac OS too.

Download Kodi live TV 

Download Khmer add on for Kodi

Download-Kodi Plugin Video Khmer add-on for Mac OS

You can Download Khmer add on for Kodi from Khmer Open Source Project on Please wait a few second the download will start automatically. 

Watch TV online on your computer

And also you may install Khmer TV for Window by MekongNet.

Download Khmer TV for Computer by MekongNet
Screenshot: Download free software Kodi and install Khmer add-on to be able life some of free Khmer TV channel

How to enable Khmer TV on Kodi

After you complete installing Kodi, you will need to install Khmer add-on to be able to watch Khmer Channel. Now please following step by step to download free software and setup on your computer.

How to install Kodi and Kmer TV add-on

Please watch the videos below to learn more about how to install Kodi and add Khmer Tv add-on.

Watch video how to install Kodi and Khmer Tv add-on on Windows

Watch video how to install Kodi and Khmer Addon on Mac OS

1-step 1: Download Khmer add-on for Kodi and save it on your computer.

2-step 2: after your download complete click on “Khmer TV addon_Kodi” to run the installation.

3-step 3: Now you have completed install Khmer add on so you can start running Kodi to watch Khmer TV now.

The official Kodi version does not contain any content whatsoever. You means that you should provide your content from a local or remote storage location, DVD, Blu-Ray or any other media carrier that you own. Additionally, Kodi allows you to install third-party plugins that may provide access to content that is freely available on the official content provider website.

The watching or listening of illegal or pirated content which would otherwise need to be paid for is not endorsed or approved by Team Kodi. you can join to Protect Kodi #KodiForever. Read more here.

Khmer live online TV app for smartphone

There many Khmer live online TV app available download free software on Google Play Store. Those app built by television station owner to expand their targeted audience. You can now download the Khmer Live TV app for your phone to enjoy your favorite TV program everywhere every time.
Download Khmer TV for Android phone
Download Khmer TV for iOS, iPhone, iPad

free tv show streaming
Please click here to switch to Android phone version.

Kodi Call out for developers

As you might or might not know is that several volunteers maintain Kodi since its first origin dating back to the original XBOX days. Within the year’s several volunteers have spent countless days or even months of what makes Kodi excellent on every facet.

This includes writing and keeping the code base of Kodi, growing to new platforms, keeping the website, wiki, forum and download server and more&hellip,&hellip. So just why do Kodi want you? Well, the truth is the fact that about the same sizes the core team of Kodi has stayed over the years while the number of users went to many, many millions from the couple of thousand.

Not forgetting the truth that it went to what’s now running on Linux, Windows, iOS, OSX, from only a XBOX program, Android. All this still of men and women with the same number. Today comes the time that we’ll start calling out for many help.

To place it simply Kodi needs to make sure that Kodi stays alive on all platforms these days, while at the same time lowering the support weight each programmer now faces. All the core programmers since Kodi is enormous you rapidly run from programmers that know enough of particular sections and has his peculiarity.

Read more

Add to that the changes required for every one of the conditions that appear with that and every OS upgrade that happens. To place it in view Kodi entire platform as well as essentially only have one programmer for every single section.

Next to having an actual daytime job along with your life as already said the whole team includes volunteers which suggest everything is performed in their spare time. This leads to having only several hours, for the most part, to spend on what they see as their avocation that I will say they may be enthusiastic about.

On the years the team consisted of a variety of programmers who gave all they might, but because for whatever reason needed to shift precedence which led to not investing time in Kodi anymore. So in a nutshell what we’re searching for are C/C++ programmers that are eager to put in a few of their spare time in enhancing and maintaining our core code.

This reviewing present pull requests for code contributions could either be doing some small bug fixing as well as creating a few of attribute add-ons or their very own code refactoring.

It does not matter if you’re only a student only starting out on C/C++ or are already a senior programmer. We’d welcome anyone who’s willing to do their part on any development which is desired. A warning that’s fair is the fact that our code base is not for the weak hearted as it is rather huge and we’re fairly strict regarding code review before Kodi unify anything. Do not let this frighten you away as our currency will give you pointers on progress to get it contained.


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      Generally if someone launch kodi before install Khmer add on then the plug in will not work. To fix this problem please uninstall Kodi and remove all user data and reinstall Kodi again. Note: do not run kodi when the install finished until you have installed Khmer addon.

      Thank you

    2. Are you run Kodi before installing Khmer add on? The comon isue is when we install Kodi and run it and then install Khmer Add on, it will not work. To fix this problem please uninstall Kodi with remove user preferences and install Kodi again. Please keep in mind that do not run Kodi until you have finished installing Khmer add on. Thank you.

  1. Hello! I have one problem. From 27.02.2017 until now I can’t open Khmer TV add on on Kodi. Before is ok but now it gets stuck to load TV channel. Please help.

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