Creating beautiful and mobile friendly News magazine website with Google Blogger

Creating beautiful and mobile friendly News magazine website with Google Blogger

Creating beautiful and mobile friendly News magazine website with Google Blogger very easy fast and get a powerful news magazine blog with full functionality of the website.

Nowadays, the news or magazine websites are the most popular in the world. Everyone always read the news on the social network or website rather than the hard copy of the content. And also, in Cambodia, the news or magazine website have more reader than other web categories.

In this post, I would like to share my experience about how to create a news magazine websites with Blogger just a few hour. And also, when you create a website with blogger you will not need a hosting. It means that you host websites directly with Google so you need not pay the hosting fee. You can now get start to create your own powerful mobile-friendly news magazine websites by yourself without IT skill.
To get starting to build that website you will need a domain name to make the websites to be your own brand name. And also you may need a website template to make your websites attractive looking beautiful and interesting.
Now please follow me step by step to create a beautiful website one:

1. Creating a Blogger site

Google has provided a powerful web platform called Blogspot. You can create a web blog with Google Blogspot very easy that you just have a Gmail account then you can create a blog one. Now let’s start to do it please read Get start with Blogger .

 2. Buy a domain name

I would recommend you to chose GoDaddy for your domain provider. You will get a very easy domian control panel to setup your blog custom domain with GoDaddy. and also you can buy a domain name with the promotion so it will save your cost. to buy a domain nme please click here.
Put your business online! Get a $8.99 .COM/.NET from GoDaddy!
You may also buy a hosting from Godaddy just $12 and you will get 1 free domain name. This is also special  for someone who  wants to code a website or create a website with Content Managment System (CMS) such as WordPress. To learn more how to create a website with WordPress please read How to create a WordPress site in 20 minutes.

$1*/ mo hosting! Get going with GoDaddy!

If you buy your own hosting you will be able to create your own brand name for example [email protected] This is also an advantage for your business to interact whit your customers.

3. Choose a site template

In this article, I talk about creating a news magazine website and you can also watch the video tutorial about this article here. I would recommend you a blogger template that very beautiful and attractive look with FlatNews magazine blogger template and you can download here.

Magazine website template
Please click here to view demo or download template

I will update these latter please come back soon. Thank you.
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4. Installing site template to your blogger site
5. Import demo data
6. Customize your site
7. Customize your domain name

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