What can you choose if you are like to watch television drama?

What can you choose if you are like to watch television drama?

Hello guys! I am very happy to share all of you about my experience life. You know, I am the one that like to go outside with friends to play sport, go to gym, drink and do something ales as the guys like to do. And sometime I also like to stay at home and do something to make myself exiting such as play game, listen to music and watch television.
Watching Internet television
Every time that I watch TV, I’d like to get hot news in Cambodia and also News in the world. I do like to see the drama with my family and I am very enjoy to see the drama with my lovely people. For me, I like to see the movie as hit movie/Action movie of Hollywood and China.

As a TV drama and movie zealot, it’s a disaster if the image quality is poor or not fluency. Actually, I had a couple of terrible experience which made me upset and frustrated. If you are zealous about television drama like me, I am 100 percent sure you do understand my feeling.

But now, since I am choose the OTT television of SingMeng Telemedia Company, I seldom encounter the problems like poor image quality. The user’s experience, according to my personal experience, is good.
What’s more, the OTT television of SingMeng Telemedia Company provides me a network television broadcast more than 100 channels, like Hang Meas. So it’s easy for me to find any channels that i want.

One more thing, I don’t have to worry about miss some fabulous things, because it had play back function, if I miss the highlights of Cambodian idol, I can play back and watch within 7 days.

As I know, SingMeng Telemedia Company also has DTT. if you live in provinces or rural area you still easy access to more than 70 channels. And the price is just 2 $ per month! Cheaper than a couple of coffee!
So if you are a TV fan like me, i would like to recommend to you the television of SingMeng Telemedia Company. Hope all of us would enjoy fun.

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