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What can you choose if you are like to watch television drama?

What can you choose if you are like to watch television drama?

Hello guys! I am very happy to share all of you about my experience life. You know, I am the one that like to go outside with friends to play sport, go to gym, drink and do something ales as the guys like to do. And sometime I also like to stay at home and do something to make myself exiting such as play game, listen to music and watch television.
Watching Internet television
Every time that I watch TV, I’d like to get hot news in Cambodia and also News in the world. I do like to see the drama with my family and I am very enjoy to see the drama with my lovely people. For me, I like to see the movie as hit movie/Action movie of Hollywood and China.
As a TV drama and movie zealot, it’s a disaster if the image quality is poor or not fluency. Actually, I had a couple of terrible experience which made me upset and frustrated. If you are zealous about television drama like me, I am 100 percent sure you do understand my feeling.
But now, since I am choose the OTT television of SingMeng Telemedia Company, I seldom encounter the problems like poor image quality. The user’s experience, according to my personal experience, is good.
What’s more, the OTT television of SingMeng Telemedia Company provides me a network television broadcast more than 100 channels, like Hang Meas. So it’s easy for me to find any channels that i want.
One more thing, I don’t have to worry about miss some fabulous things, because it had play back function, if I miss the highlights of Cambodian idol, I can play back and watch within 7 days.
As I know, SingMeng Telemedia Company also has DTT. if you live in provinces or rural area you still easy access to more than 70 channels. And the price is just 2 $ per month! Cheaper than a couple of coffee!
So if you are a TV fan like me, i would like to recommend to you the television of SingMeng Telemedia Company. Hope all of us would enjoy fun.

Socheat Mom

Hello, My name is Socheat Mom and I’m Angkor Nation, blog founder. I work for a private company in Cambodia as a Public Relations Manager. I was a former Sales and Marketing executive for a website development company in Phnom Penh. Read more >>

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