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All Download English Khmer Dictionary collection

Khmer Dictionary

A dictionary is very importance for student who studying a language such as English Khmer, Khmer-English or Khmer Dictionary. For self-study learner a dictionary could help them to be right pronunciation of word. And also they can understand what proportion of speech. Whether a verb, noun adjective or a combination of all these. Especially, it […]

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Installing Khmer language pack on Microsoft Office 2010

Khmer Language pack

Colocalization your Microsoft Office by Installing Khmer Language Pack Since version 12 of Microsoft Office,¬† Microsoft has introduced Khmer language pack. With Khmer language pack on Microsoft office allow Cambodian user using Microsoft Office in their Language. The Khmer language is available in interface and screen tips with some Office Application such as Word, Excel, […]

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How to make Android phone can read khmer

Make your Android phone can read Khmer

Making Android phone can read Khmer Language The early version of Android phone such as Android version 4.1.2 did not support the Khmer language. To make Android phone can read Khmer language you need to install font Khmer on your phone.¬† Many Cambodian’s Android phone user can’t read Khmer on the web page or Facebook […]

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