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Cambodia law: Case studies of Tong Tin

Cambodia law : Let’s study the Case studies with impostors and Download Tong Tin term and condition eBook

Cambodia law : Today I would like to  talk Tong Tin. Tong Tin, is a named refer to an association funding that agrees to join by its member. And also the Tong Tin make by a group of people that agree to deposit their money with an association in term of the period that they agreed with each other.

Tong Tin eBook


Getting to know what is Tong Tin

For example, the member agreed to deposit $10 to association funding every month or week, and this association has 10 members. After then, the asociation will colloct the funding from every members in term of period and the funding will give to every member one by one very term of period.  The member the receive the first funding is the Manager of the association without bidding. Every member will bid once by offering the interest to get the fund. for example, I offer the bid $1 and you offer the bid $0.5 so I win this bidding. I get the fun $90 that collected from every member. The member pays $9 for deposit to the association funding. After I win the bidding I don’t thave the right to bid again and I have an obligation to pay bake to the association for $10 every month or week (up to agreement) until the term ended.

Nowadays, I Cambodia don’t have any the specific law to protect the Tong Tin agreement. The member of this association has a high risk with some member that did not follow the agreement.

In this post, you will find some legal document that can help you to prevent the risk of the TongTin. Thank you for reading my blog. if you think this post contain an information that you are finding please share and subscribe to get the new post.

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