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Easy way to accept US payment service in Cambodia

accept US payment service earning money online

In this article will show you how to accept US payment service with an easy way for Cambodian.

Blogger or freelancer in Cambodia, who write a website or blog to earn money, online so the will accept US payment service. They are promoting any affiliate program or any advertising network such as Google AdSense. They will get paid their revenue by PayPal, Bank wire transfer or the Western Union. But some country could not accept payment from US payment service via PayPal, for example, Cambodia. The Cambodian people could not accept US payment service from PayPal, so usually, they receive US Payment by the Western Union.

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However, with this method, they will pay a high fee for a transaction with the Western Union when they accept US payment service. The Western Union transaction fee is up to $14 per transaction. Therefore, if you need an easy way to accept US payment service with a lower cost you can create a virtual American Bank account with Payoneer. After you sign up Payoneer account you will get a prepaid MasterCard for free. You can use Payoneer MasterCard to withdraw money from any ATM anytime, as you need.

Create a Virtual American Bank account

In this post will show you step by step to create an American Bank account and MasterCard from Payoneer. This method will make you easy to accept US payment service. Please following step by step blow.

Step 1: sign up Payoneer account

Sign up Payoneer account. Please go to and then click sign up


Picture 1: Payoneer sign up page

Sign up now

Put all your legal information to sign up an account. You may also have to accept their term of service if you agree to create an account.

Note: please make sure that all information that you provide are correct because you contacted by Post Office to receive MasterCard.


Picture 2: fill your information to sign up an account

In this step, you have to provide one following ID card number, passport, or driving license

Payoneer applicants id typePicture 3: providing you your ID card number

Once you sign up complete, you get a virtual American Bank account. You can use this virtual bank account. And you can use your virtual bank account to link with US payment service Google AdSense, PayPal, or any Affiliate service company. So you can accept payment from them.


Picture 4: your virtual American Bank account information

step 2: verify your account

verify your account by uploading your ID card scanned copy. Once you finish your account, you have to verify your account to activate service. Payoneer will send an email with upload link to upload one following ID card, Passport, or Driving license that you chose while you sighed up.

MasterCard Payoneer Upload approval account

Picture 5: Payoneer email verification link

Step 3: Verifying you MasterCard

Verifying you MasterCard. Payoneer will ship your MasterCard to you by send via Airmail to your Post Office. The shipping usually takes up to 1 month. When you received your MasterCard, you have to verify it with your account. After you verified you Card by submit your MasterCard number and then your card is active. In this step, you are also setting up your PIN code for your card that you will use this pin with any ATM to withdraw money.


Picture 6: activate your MasterCard

One you completed signup you can receive Us Payment service with your virtual American Bank account. And also you can withdrew money with your local bank ATM everywhere.

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