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how to watch tv on computer

how to watch tv on computer

how to watch tv on computer your computer with out installing any application.

Today let’s talk about how to watch tv on computer through your web browser easy without required installing any application on your PC. Now you can select your favorite channel to watch live TV. And also if you want to download Khmer TV app for your computer please read How to Download and install TV application on Windows PC. Moreover, You may also install TV app on your smart phone. Please read my previous post at Khmer live online TV app for Android phone and Best Khmer free live TV app for iPhone. Event more about TV app you can find at Khmer live TV app for iOS iPhone iPad.

Channel available to watch TV online

The channels listed below are available for you to watch tv online free with your web browser both PC and Mac or Mobile phone and tablet too.

Watch internet TV

To set up any kind of Personal Computer to Television system if you searching for how to watch tv on computer tv online free on a pc or use a pc Internet Television to see free Internet media on a home Television set, it requires two essential parts: Video Card, and Video connector cable. Whichever one is the target, watch home TV on a Personal Computer or watch computer Internet Television on a home TV set. And also please remember the image quality on a digital hi-def TV will be higher than on a pc screen. In addition, his has a great deal to do with the computers and screen capabilities\/limitations that determine the video quality.

Download software free live TV online for computer

Khmer Live TV online app on Windows PC
Khmer Live TV online app on Windows PC

And also creating a Personal Computer to Television can be very cost-effective and simple enough that a good cave man may do it. While you’ll find a myriad of computers today, a lot of them share common video and audio interfaces to make the transition easier. Moreover, VGA, stands to get Video Graphics Array, and can be found to nearly every Windows based computer. Moreover, Despite the fact that this connection does not offer the best quality that a High-Definition Multimedia Interface or DVI connection offers, it’s generally used and functions well with a SD or Hi-def Television that runs on the VGA port.

Watch internet TV online

The cost for a used VGA connection may be a few bucks and under $20.00 to buy it new. And also both of them provide the best link for Hi-def TV. And also Some high end video cards on computer already have High-Definition Multimedia Interface ports on hi-def TV sets. Often times, MAC computers may have DVI ports which allows an association to your tv High-Definition Multimedia Interface port using a HDMI-to DVI cable or adapter to watch tv online free. Moreover,  For a used High-Definition Multimedia Interface connector. And also it might operate under $10.00 and a brand new one can cost over $10.00. S Video, stands for individual video and are frequently found in SD and Hi-def Television sets.

In addition, the most typical use for this kind of relationship involves connecting a DVD player to a SD Television set. And also It works well when utilizing a desktop or mobile computer which has a S video port. The cost may be as little as a number of dollars for a used connection cable to over $5.00 for a brand new one.00. Moreover, They’re those yellow, white, and red connection head cables for the audio and video. You may also use them to connect your video camera and DVD player. In addition,  Some computers have video cards with RCA connections plus they may be utilized to convert a computer’s video signal throughout the RCA cable going into a Television set.

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